Live by Your Words

Words can be powerful.. they can impact.. inspire and plant seeds of growth..but adding action to these words and living the life you project..well that is the true recipe for change and self enlightenment. We all can be whoever we want on social media forums..what’s the point of that if we aren’t living the life we want others to see. Your children and loved ones won’t learn by your words.. they will learn by what they see you doing.. they will learn by the example of your walk..not just your talk. To be a true kind have to not pick and choose who gets to experience this kindness.

People see light..they feel warmth..they watch selfless acts of kindness and true gestures of the heart. I am imperfect..trying my best to always search for reasons and understanding to help me make sense of others actions..we all are where we are supposed to be in this given moment and a million factors and interactions lead us to this spot..we may have landed here.. but that doesn’t mean we have to stay here.. there are a million actions we can make to move past anything placed on our journey..the first action being self awareness..taking a self inventory of am I being the kind of person others would be proud of.. the kind of person you yourself can be proud of..There have been countless times in my life.. I have not been this person.. countless times I didn’t take the high road..didn’t practice what I preached..didn’t show grace or kindness to those at that time I deemed non-deserving. Funny.. for I now realize everyone is deserving of kindness.. of grace.. of acceptance and empathy.

There isn’t a switch you get to turn on and off when approaching another on your journey..there doesn’t happen to be two columns of deserving and non. To receive others must give theirs as receive understanding one must challenge themselves to understand. The energy it takes to live as two different people is exhausting..why not just live a life you love..and love those in your life while you have them here. The incredible thing about struggling in anyway.. is that you start to sit back and start to analyze your behavior and role in negative interactions.. you start to realize the person you were… acted out for internal reasons you weren’t even aware of at that produced and promoted hurt because of the hurt that resided in you. You start to realize one who is miserable and unhappy with ones self wants everyone to feel that..but those actions only make you feel worse.. they only grow the darkness more in your soul and that darkness spills onto all those in your life and all those around you. I have wrote about it a million times..I will never forget 7 years ago hearing it from my favorite TBI therapist Sue Finley… Hurt people hurt people.. weak people choose not to look at a situation from every angle and see what was brought to the table. I myself have been this hurt weak person.. and to be felt terrible.

Your soul never lies..your internal being knows when things aren’t right within..and you can fuel this plague or you can start to make changes. As the changes happen you start to see everything around you taking a different start to accept and understand others and just like Magic they start to accept and understand you. A fire grows with can pour two types of gasoline on this can fuel and feed darkness or it can fuel and feed light. You want good kind huge hearted people in your life then be this person.. you want to be encouraged and supported during rough patches..then don’t just say you will be there.. get up and be there. Life is far too short to dwell in pain and negativity.. it is exhausting to spread both and crippling to receive from the hands and actions of others. Approach each person and situation with the eyes and hearts you would want to be approached with. Yes I times this will be will take all the strength you have to rise above..but it’s just not about you.. as hurt people hurt people..those healing.. heal people. I’m not interested in people thinking I’m a good person..I am consumed with actually being one..all these words don’t mean shit.. if I don’t walk out the front door today and actually implement them. At the end of the day.. you are stuck with know who you your soul still..are you the person that others needed you to be..I hope and pray I am. There may not always be a tomorrow.. so with this minute or hour..walk the walk..don’t even talk about it..feel it..embrace that high grade gasoline.. fuel the fire of positivity and kindness..not that it matters that others are watching.. but your walk may just get another to walk the path you are on..and we in turn will get welcomed to walk next to them. Trying hard to be better always.. trying always to be the change and promote change. It’s just takes one step to move forward…time to stop talking about it and time to start doing it! Happy Thursday my friends.. hope you have the kind of day that makes your heart happy tonight! 💚